Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How Bad Is Over-Brushing Your Teeth?

When it comes to oral hygiene, brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you will need to take into consideration. But have you ever thought about it that this very brushing can turn into something which could damage your teeth? Yes, it is very much possible when you over-brush. Over-brushing mainly involves abrasive brushing. When you are in a hurry or you are too passionate about the cleanliness of your teeth, you might end up exerting extra amount of force to brush your teeth.

You may have heard that teeth are the hardest part of a human body. They surely are but your gums aren’t that hard. Hence, abrasive brushing can result in pulling back of gums. This gum recession tends to expose the vulnerable part of tooth, leading to extra sensitivity and tooth’s overall vulnerability against infections. And the bad news is that receded gums do not grow back.

Damage caused by over-brushing
It’s pretty much normal to feel the need of dental cleanliness. In fact, it’s something which everyone should have. When you recognize the importance of dental care, you want to take care of your gums and teeth in better way. But it can turn out to be something even harmful when you get passionate enough to exert extra mount of force on your teeth while brushing. Apart from gum recession caused by over-brushing, it can also result in worn out tooth enamel. Worn out tooth enamel and pushed back gum line contribute in combination to gather worse dental issues for you to face. Although the dental problems caused as a result of abrasive brushing are treatable, they can be invasive and expensive as well.

Reason people brush abrasively
Many people believe that harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth will be. Well, it’s not the case. First you need to understand what plaque basically is. It is the combination of saliva, food particles and bacteria. It is so soft that it can be cleaned with the help of a rag. Tartar or calculus on the other hand is hardened plaque. The reason is gets hardened is carelessness from brushing your teeth for a long time. Sometimes, hardened plaque is very difficult to clean with the help of brushing. But if tartar is not hardened enough, you don’t need to over-brush in order to clean it. You can brush your teeth in the normal way in order to get desirable results. In order to get tartar removed from your teeth, you should visit your dentist.

What you should do?
When it comes to the right way of brushing, there are several things that you will need to take into consideration.
  • Get the toothbrush which works for you. Soft brush with rounded bristles is the right tool to brush your teeth. When you use this brush, you will be able to clean your teeth without damaging your teeth and gums.
  • Right technique of brushing matters a lot. Make sure that you are using 45-degree angle while brushing your teeth. Use circular movement while brushing your teeth.
  • Instead of brushing hard for one minute, you can brush gently for 2 – 3 minutes. This way, you will not damage your teeth and gums. Moreover, this way of brushing will help you ensure proper cleanliness of your teeth.

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